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Salomé, Opera Libretto

Sold Out

Format: 160 x 240 mm

Extend: 246 pages

Extra: 3 Pictures (150 x 235 mm)

French / German / Deutsch

Avril 2012

This opera libretto was produced for Richard Strauss' version of Salomé. It comprises two parts. The first one contains the show's program and its libretto in French and German, while the second part is dedicated to the Dutch version of these texts.

The original text and its translation are placed face to face to allow a better comprehension of the opera.

The opera tells the story of Salomé, which takes places in Antiquity, hence the desire to install a mythological and mineral atmosphere. The iconography chosen to illustrate Salomé's atmosphere consists of views of ancient cities and ruins, which face photographies of works by Richard Long. The three flyers accompanying the leaflet are illustrated with photographies from Pina Bausch's ballets. This time, the intention was to show universal emotions on bodies which, here again, have a mineral and timeless look.